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(eBook) (PDF) Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 4th edition


Stuart Russell, 
Peter Norvig



Artificial Intelligence is your guide to the theory and practice of modern AI. It introduces major concepts using intuitive explanations and nontechnical language, before going into mathematical or algorithmic details. In-depth coverage of both basic and advanced topics provides you with a solid understanding of the frontiers of AI without compromising complexity and depth. A unified approach to AI clearly details how the various subfields of AI fit together to build actual, useful programs. The 4th Edition has been updated to stay current with the latest technologies as well as to present concepts in a more unified manner. New chapters feature expanded coverage of probabilistic programming, multiagent decision making, deep learning and deep learning for natural language processing. Revised coverage of computer vision, natural language understanding and speech recognition reflect the impact of deep learning methods on these fields.

Published by Pearson (December 21st 2021) – Copyright © 2021
ISBN-13: 9780137505135
Subject: Artificial Intelligence
Category: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence