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(eBook) (PDF) Biology: The Core, 3rd edition


Eric J. Simon



Biology: The Core  was designed from the ground up to help you learn efficiently and succeed in this course. Only the core of biology content is included. These biological concepts are displayed in highly visual, consistent, and approachable two-page modules that guide you along a clear learning path, so that reading your textbook is more a pleasure than a chore.  The  3rd Edition addresses issues like nutrition, cancer, vaccines, and genetically modified foods that directly affect you and those you care about,  helping you to see how biology is relevant to your life. Other modules help you critically evaluate the scientific-sounding claims that constantly bombard you, and how to distinguish valid claims from bogus ones.  The Core strives to meet your goals and act as a guide for this course while addressing questions you encounter  in your broader life. 

Published by Pearson (May 31st 2019) – Copyright © 2020
ISBN-13: 9780135832646
Subject: Biology
Category: Biology for non-majors