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(eBook) (PDF) Chemistry: The Central Science, 15th edition


Theodore E. Brown, 
H Eugene LeMay, 
Bruce E. Bursten, 
Catherine Murphy, 
Patrick Woodward, 
Matthew E. Stoltzfus



Chemistry: The Central Science introduces you to modern chemistry and approaches general chemistry with unrivaled problem sets, scientific accuracy and currency, and clarity. The author team’s expertise and experience as leading researchers and award-winning teachers will not only guide you in learning the principles of chemistry, but also in becoming critical thinkers who can think more like chemists The 15th Edition provides you with the most effective and efficient tools for learning chemistry. New student-friendly learning objectives and follow-up self-assessment exercises, descriptions of problem-solving strategies, and a wide variety of end-of-chapter problems will strengthen your understanding and appreciation of chemistry. The authors’ goal is to help you learn more about the world of chemistry and why chemistry is the central science, but ultimately, their goal is that you to succeed in the course.

Published by Pearson (March 1st 2022) – Copyright © 2023
ISBN-13: 9780137542970
Subject: Chemistry
Category: General Chemistry