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(eBook) (PDF) Contemporary Engineering Economics, 6th edition


Chan S Park



Contemporary Engineering Economics integrates economic theory with principles of engineering, helping you build sound skills in financial project analysis. As design and manufacturing become an integral part your engineering work, you’ll be required to make more and more decisions regarding money. Author Chan Park teaches you how to think like 21st-century engineers who are able to incorporate elements of science, engineering, design and economics into their products.The 6th Edition offers enhanced pedagogy to help you understand difficult topics and relate them to real-world examples. Updated chapter-opening vignettes highlight relevant contemporary issues. And new chapter review questions about engineering in the service sector address the growing need for engineers in this area.

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2022) – Copyright © 2016
ISBN-13: 9780137848683
Subject: Industrial Engineering
Category: Engineering Economics

Part 1: Basics of Financial Decisions

  1. Engineering Economic Decisions
  2. Accounting and Financial Decision Making
  3. Interest Rate and Economic Equivalence
  4. Understanding Money and Its Management

Part 2: Evaluation of Business and Engineering Assets

  1. Present-Worth Analysis
  2. Annual Equivalent-Worth Analysis
  3. Rate-of-Return Analysis

Part 3: Analysis of Project Cash Flows

  1. Cost Concepts Relevant to Decision Making
  2. Depreciation and Corporate Taxes
  3. Developing Project Cash Flows

Part 4: Handling Risk and Uncertainty

  1. Inflation and Its Impact on Project Cash
  2. Project Risk and Uncertainty
  3. Real-Options Analysis

Part 5: Special Topics in Engineering Economics

  1. Replacement Decisions
  2. Capital-Budgeting Decisions
  3. Economic Analysis in the Service Sector


  1. Fundamentals of Engineering Review Questions
  2. Interest Factors for Discrete Compounding
  3. Values of the Standard Normal Distribution Function