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(eBook) (PDF) Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, 13th edition


Robert E. Slavin



Educational Psychology uses recent research and compelling case studies to explain both the theoretical and practical strategies you need to be an effective teacher. The text offers complete, up-to-date information that is presented in readable, practical ways and illustrated with engaging examples and case studies. The text makes the connection between theory and practice explicit, helping you transfer what you learn to your own teaching.Based directly on classroom research, the text is kept up-to-date with the most recent learnings and includes over 2,000 citations. The 13th Edition features a new section called “What Does the Evidence Say?” that includes recent educational research findings, as well as new and expanded coverage on many topics throughout.

Published by Pearson (July 15th 2020) – Copyright © 2021
ISBN-13: 9780136912156
Subject: Educational Psychology
Category: Introduction to Educational Psychology