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(eBook) (PDF) Horngren’s Financial & Managerial Accounting: The Managerial Chapters, 7th edition


Tracie Miller-Nobles, 
Brenda Mattison



Horngren’s Financial and Managerial Accounting and Taxation: The Managerial Chapters presents the core principles of accounting in a fresh format designed to help you succeed.

Published by Pearson (October 16th 2020) – Copyright © 2021
ISBN-13: 9780136714163
Subject: Accounting & Taxation
Category: Financial & Managerial Accounting (50/50)

  1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  2. Job Order Costing
  3. Process Costing
  4. Lean Management Systems: Activity-Based, Just-in-Time, and Quality Management Systems 
  5. Cost-Volume Profit Analysis
  6. Variable Costing
  7. Master Budgets
  8. Flexible Budgets and Standard Cost Systems
  9. Responsibility Accounting and Performance Evaluation
  10. Short-Term Business Decisions
  11. Capital Investment Decisions


  1. Present Value Tables and Future Value Tables
  2. The Statement of Cash Flows
  3. Financial Statement Analysis