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(eBook) (PDF) Human Anatomy, 9th edition


Frederic H. Martini, 
Robert B. Tallitsch, 
Judi L. Nath



Human Anatomy will help you master required material with its groundbreaking, atlas-style format, detailed illustrations, and exceptionally clear photographs. The text has long been known for its quality and sophistication, as well as its scope and level of coverage. Now, accomplished author and award-winning educator Judi Nath joins the writing team, bringing a fresh voice, enhanced accuracy, and a clear, engaging writing style to the text.The 9th Edition includes expanded clinical content to help you focus on the types of diseases and injuries you are likely to encounter in your future career. You’ll also find visually stunning Spotlight Figures in every chapter to guide you through complex topics, as well as new features that use simple analogies and memory devices to help you remember key facts and concepts.

Published by Pearson (May 4th 2018) – Copyright © 2018
ISBN-13: 9780135212936
Subject: Anatomy & Physiology
Category: Human Anatomy