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(eBook) (PDF) Introduction to Materials Management, 9th edition


Tony K. Arnold, 
Steve Chapman, 
Lloyd M. Clive, 
Ann K. Gatewood



Introduction to Materials Management is widely adopted by colleges and universities worldwide. It covers the essentials of modern supply chain management, including manufacturing, purchasing, distribution and quality management. The Association for Supply Chain Management recommends this text as the reference for certification prep for CPIM exams. Because it avoids complex mathematics, it’s suitable for a wide audience of students in materials management and supply chain courses.The 9th Edition digs deeper into the interdependence of all aspects of supply chain management. A new chapter ties together supply chain-related issues once addressed individually. Additional content considers the impact of technology across processes.

Published by Pearson (January 4th 2022) – Copyright © 2023
ISBN-13: 9780137565764
Subject: Engineering Technology
Category: Materials Management