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(eBook) (PDF) Quantitative Analysis for Management, 13th edition


Barry Render, 
Ralph M. Stair, 
Michael E. Hanna, 
Trevor S. Hale



Quantitative Analysis for Management will help you develop a real-world understanding of business analytics, quantitative methods, and management science. With this practical approach, you’ll get an accessible introduction to mathematical models. Then you’ll learn how to apply those models using clear, step-by-step instructions. With each new model, you’ll reinforce your understanding with practice.For more intricate mathematical procedures, the 13th Edition offers a flexible approach. The text is designed to flow seamlessly, enabling you to focus on the sections where you require the most clarification. The design also allows you to home in on managerial problems and solutions when that’s what’s needed.

Published by Pearson (August 1st 2021) – Copyright © 2018
ISBN-13: 9780137501403
Subject: Management
Category: Management Science