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(eBook) (PDF) Using & Understanding Mathematics: A Quantitative Reasoning Approach, 7th edition


Jeffrey O. Bennett, 
William L. Briggs



With Using & Understanding Mathematics, see the relevance of mathematics in everyday life. From buying groceries to paying taxes, the text will help you develop your critical-thinking and quantitative reasoning skills — so you can master the math you’ll encounter in your college courses, future career, and daily life.

Published by Pearson (July 14th 2021) – Copyright © 2019
ISBN-13: 9780137553334
Subject: Liberal Arts Math
Category: Quantitative Reasoning

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Prologue: Literacy for the Modern World


  1. Thinking Critically
    • Activity: Bursting Bubble
    • 1A. Living in the Media Age
      • In Your World: Fact Checking on the Web
    • 1B. Propositions and Truth Values
    • 1C. Sets and Venn Diagrams
      • Brief Review: Sets of Numbers
    • 1D. Analyzing Arguments
      • Mathematical Insight: Deductive Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
    • 1E. Critical Thinking in Everyday Life
      • In Your World: Beware of “Up to” Deals
  2. Approaches to Problem Solving
    • Activity: Global Melting
    • 2A. Understand, Solve, and Explain
      • Brief Review: Common Fractions
      • Brief Review: Decimal Fractions
      • Using Technology: Currency Exchange Rates
      • In Your World: Changing Money in Foreign Countries
    • 2B. Extending Unit Analysis
      • In Your World: Gems and Gold Jewelry
      • Brief Review: Powers of 10
      • Using Technology: Metric Conversions
      • In Your World: Save Money and Save the Earth
    • 2C. Problem-Solving Hints
      • Mathematical Insight: Zeno’s Paradox


  1. Numbers in the Real World
    • Activity: Big Numbers
    • 3A. Uses and Abuses of Percentages
      • Brief Review: Percentages
      • Brief Review: What Is a Ratio?
    • 3B. Putting Numbers in Perspective
      • Brief Review: Working with Scientific Notation
      • Using Technology: Scientific Notation
    • 3C. Dealing with Uncertainty
      • Brief Review: Rounding
      • Using Technology: Rounding in Excel
    • 3D. Index Numbers: The CPI and Beyond
      • Using Technology: The Inflation Calculator
      • In Your World: The Chained CPI and the Federal Budget
    • 3E. How Numbers Can Deceive: Polygraphs, Mammograms, and More
  2. Managing Money
    • Activity: Student Loans
    • 4A. Taking Control of Your Finances
    • 4B. The Power of Compounding
      • Brief Review: Powers and Roots
      • Using Technology: Powers
      • Using Technology: The Compound Interest Formula
      • Using Technology: The Compound Interest Formula for Interest Paid More Than Once a Year
      • Using Technology: APY in Excel
      • Using Technology: Powers of e
      • Brief Review: Four Basic Rules of Algebra
      • In Your World: Effects of Low Interest Rates
    • 4C. Savings Plans and Investments
      • Mathematical Insight: Derivation of the Savings Plan Formula
      • Using Technology: The Savings Plan Formula
      • Using Technology: Fractional Powers (Roots)
      • In Your World: Building a Portfolio
    • 4D. Loan Payments, Credit Cards, and Mortgages
      • Using Technology: The Loan Payment Formula (Installment Loans)
      • Mathematical Insight: Derivation of the Loan Payment Formula
      • Using Technology: Principal and Interest Portions of Loan Payments
      • In Your World: Avoiding Credit Card Trouble
      • In Your World: Choosing or Refinancing a Loan
    • 4E. Income Taxes
    • 4F. Understanding the Federal Budget


  1. Statistical Reasoning
    • Activity: Cell Phones and Driving
    • 5A. Fundamentals of Statistics
      • Using Technology: Random Numbers
    • 5B. Should You Believe a Statistical Study?
      • In Your World: The Gun Debate: Defensive Gun Use
    • 5C. Statistical Tables and Graphs
      • Using Technology: Frequency Tables in Excel
      • Using Technology: Bar Graphs and Pie Charts in Excel
      • Using Technology: Line Charts in Excel
    • 5D. Graphics in the Media
      • Using Technology: Graphs with Multiple Data Sets
    • 5E. Correlation and Causality
      • Using Technology: Scatterplots in Excel
  2. Putting Statistics to Work
    • Activity: Are We Smarter Than Our Parents?
    • 6A. Characterizing Data
      • Using Technology: Mean, Median, and Mode in Excel
    • 6B. Measures of Variation
      • Using Technology: Standard Deviation in Excel
    • 6C. The Normal Distribution
      • Using Technology: Standard Scores and Percentiles in Excel
    • 6D. Statistical Inference
      • In Your World: Is Polling Reliable?
  3. Probability: Living With The Odds
    • Activity: Lotteries
    • 7A. Fundamentals of Probability
      • Brief Review: The Multiplication Principle
    • 7B. Combining Probabilities
    • 7C. The Law of Large Numbers
    • 7D. Assessing Risk
      • In Your World: Terrorism, Risk, and Human Psychology
    • 7E. Counting and Probability
      • Using Technology: Factorials
      • Brief Review: Factorials
      • Using Technology: Permutations
      • Using Technology: Combinations


  1. Exponential Astonishment
    • Activity: Towers of Hanoi
    • 8A. Growth: Linear vs. Exponential
    • 8B. Doubling Time and Half-Life
      • Using Technology: Logarithms
      • Brief Review: Logarithms
    • 8C. Real Population Growth
      • In Your World: Choosing Our Fate
    • 8D. Logarithmic Scales: Earthquakes, Sounds, and Acids
      • In Your World: Ocean Acidification
  2. Modeling Our World
    • Activity: Climate Modeling
    • 9A. Functions: The Building Blocks of Mathematical Models
      • Brief Review: The Coordinate Plane
    • 9B. Linear Modeling
      • Using Technology: Graphing Functions
      • In Your World: Algebra’s Baghdad Connection
    • 9C. Exponential Modeling
      • Brief Review: Algebra with Logarithms
      • Mathematical Insight: Doubling Time and Half-Life Formulas
      • In Your World: Changing Rates of Change
  3. Modeling With Geometry
    • Activity: Eyes in the Sky
    • 10A. Fundamentals of Geometry
      • Mathematical Insight: Archimedes and Pi
      • In Your World: Plato, Geometry, and Atlantis
    • 10B. Problem Solving with Geometry
    • 10C. Fractal Geometry


  1. Mathematics and The Arts
    • Activity: Digital Music Files
    • 11A. Mathematics and Music
      • In Your World: Music Just for You
    • 11B. Perspective and Symmetry
    • 11C. Proportion and the Golden Ratio
  2. Mathematics and Politics
    • Activity: Partisan Redistricting
    • 12A. Voting: Does the Majority Always Rule?
      • In Your World: Counting Votes–Not as Easy as It Sounds
    • 12B. Theory of Voting
      • In Your World: The Electoral College and the Presidency
    • 12C. Apportionment: The House of Representatives and Beyond
    • 12D. Dividing the Political Pie


Answers to Quick Quizzes and Odd-Numbered Exercises